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The Hulsey Family

The Brant and Taylor Hulsey family, current residents of Greenhill, have sought the help of Shoals Habitat for Humanity. Three years ago, their son, Hayden, was severely injured in a car wreck and now the family requires a handicapped-accessible home. After months of...

Shoals Habitat Summer Newsletter 2018

Shoals Habitat Summer Newsletter 2018

You and our amazing Shoals community are helping us log a remarkable 2018 into the books of Shoals Habitat. The construction of home #79 has been completed, and we are preparing for home #80 to break ground soon. We are excited to have even greater potential on the...

Our Mission is Your Inspiration

Our Mission is Your Inspiration

Habitat for Humanity named the number five brand that inspires consumers through their mission by Fast Company Magazine in 2018. In late May, Fast Company Magazine published their annual list of brands that inspire consumers the most through their missions. This...

Nikki Griffins’ Story

Nikki Griffins’ Story

By: Amanda Garren Many people dream of the day that they will become homeowners. For Nikki Griffin, that dream will soon be a reality. “I can’t believe this is going to be mine. It’s surreal,” she said. She lives with her little family of two boys (aged 8 and 9) and a...

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